Scott D. Cater, Director / Trumpet / Soloist/ Vocalist / Arranger
Residence: Reisterstown, MD / Towson, MD
Instruments: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, French Horn, and Electric Bass
Occupation: Trumpet teacher / Performer / Arranger, Giant Food Produce Clerk
Education: Studied Music Edcation & Composition at Towson University & Catonsville Community College, studied trumpet with Ray Moore, Robert Barrett, and Harry Ruder.

Music influences: Chicago, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Dizzy Gillespie, Doc Severinsen, Mike Wann (band teacher), Alan Chambers(band teacher),Grandfather Elmer Hoffman (professional Jazz Guitarist), Grandfather Lyle Cater (Army Brass/ Trumpet Player).

  • Paid parents 20 dollars to leave the house, so I could hold the first RJE rehearsal.  The first rehearsal they left the house , the second they took the money and went to bed. 
  • Met Doc Severisen, Bobby Shew, and Pat Harbison.   Great guys, all of them.
  • Scott Bowers and I have been friends and playing in a band for over 30 years.  Wow...and we still haven't killed each other..,LOL.
Other Interests: Composer  / Producer / Recording

Motto: "Music is my religion"
Meet Our Band
Alice Schlothauer, Lead Vocalist/ Emcee
Residence:  Finksburg, Maryland.
Instruments: Voice, Aux. Percussion
Occupation:  CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield
Education: Studied voice at Peabody Conservatory of Music

Currently studying at the Fletcher Music School in White Marsh.  This school provides the greatest environment anyone could ask for to learn Jazz and improvisation.  It is a great place to hook up with people who are trying to learn to perform this music.

I love the romance of the music and lyrics from the 20's through the 40's.   Singing makes me feel free to share and to long.   The folks who are members of the Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble have all helped me to grow so much.  I love them all like family.   I wish more young people would take an interest in this incredible form.  It has so many beautiful things to offer.  Come on out and see us sometime. 

Scott D. Cater
Also Director of The RJE (see top)

Jim Crum, 2nd Alto / Soloist
Residence: Mt. Airy, MD
Instruments: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Occupation: Retired Firefighter, Anne Arundel County Fire Department

Music Influences: Brad Collins (my high school band director), Barry Enzman.(retired band director, Glen Elg High School), Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, "Doc" Severinsen, and David Sanborn.

Anecdotes: Currently studying with Jeff Antoniuk and rehearse every other Saturday in one of his “Jazz Band Masterclass” sessions. My most memorable music experiences were two high school trips as a member of the United States Music Ambassadors. I was fortunate enough to travel to California, Mexico, Hawaii, as well as Central Europe to perform during my formative years.

Michael Schlothauer,  1st Tenor / Soloist
Residence: Finksburg, MD
Instruments: Tenor, Soprano, Bari & Alto Saxophone, Drums
Occupation: Self Employed Contractor; Owner of Katia Construction, Inc. specializing custom remodeling and repair.

Music influences: Hank Levy, Maynard Ferguson, and Grover Washington Jr., Ashton Fletcher, Duke Ellington

Background Information: Played with George Ross at UMCP (director); Kim Waters at HCL jazz vocal group.
With over 40 years experience, I also currently playing with the Power House Big Band, Checkered Past (classic rock), jazz combos, sub regularly with 7 other regional big bands, and about any where else I'm invited in the door with my horn!
I continue to study advanced jazz improvisation with Ashton Fletcher at Fletcher Music School and saxophone technique with Greg Thompkins.
As a staff member at Fletcher Music School, I teach saxophone and beginning jazz improvisation.

Other: I am also a board member of the RJE, the Technical Director for the band and the emergency drummer.

Dan Longo, Lead Alto / Soloist
Residence: Kensington, MD
Instruments: Tenor sax, Alto sax, clarinet
Occupation: Physician

Music Influences: Phil Woods, Ernie Watts, Don Byas, Ben Webster, and my Teacher, Ron Diehl

Tony Read, 2nd Tenor / Soloist
Residence:  Baltimore MD.
Instruments: Baritone, Tenor, & Alto Saxophone
Occupation:  Retired stockbroker

Musical influences:  Hank Levy, Stan Getz, Basie, Dexter Gordon, Ted Heath.

Anecdote:  Played with Towson State Jazz band and orchestra.
Sub in various local bands.
                   Enjoy a variety of music.
                   Learned to play sax as a teenager in England.


Scott "Powerhouse" Bowers, Lead Trumpet
Residence: Reisterstown, MD. Scott has lived in Reisterstown all his life,
Instruments: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Occupation: Master Electrician and President of Main Street Electric Company, a local electrical contracting company based in Reisterstown. 
Education:  attended all three of the Franklin schools in Reisterstown and is very proud to say so.

Scott plays lead trumpet and is fondly known as the "mouth" of the RJE. After much searching, he has finally found a nickname that fits his personality, playing style and even his profession... Please meet Scott "POWERHOUSE" Bowers! To find him during an RJE performance, look for the red haired (and most of the time red faced) trumpet player. (Ed. note: The red face is from exertion, not embarrassment!)

Scott is also first Vice President of the RJE. His company, Main Street Electric Company, is a corporate sponsor of the RJE and backs all of the RJE endeavors.

Music influences:
Matt Elky, the choir director at my church for many years: As a young child, when I was attending church with my family, he played the trumpet at many services. At this very early age, the trumpet fascinated me because of this exposure and that led to my wanting to play the trumpet in later years.
Ken Moreland, my elementary school teacher. Mr. Moreland was a great base for my studies as a trumpet player and he taught me well the basics of my great instrument and all its wonderful sounds.
Allen Chambers, my Junior High and Senior High music teacher: As most people in this community know, Mr. Chambers was a total inspiration for me to continue to play in my later teen years. He was a WONDERFUL teacher and without his dedication to us I might not have continued. Mr. Chambers had the most influence of anyone I have ever been associated with in the music field.
Scott Cater, the RJE musical director: Scott motivated me to pick up my instrument again after high school, when I never thought I would have a place to play again. Without Scott's push and guidance, I would have never realized I had the talent to play in an "adult" group and to enjoy it as much as I have for all these years. Also, without his dedication the RJE would be no more than a bunch of people casually playing music. I can say honestly I learn every time I play with the RJE and continually improve.
John Wagner, my co lead trumpet in the RJE: John has made me a better player and works with me to iron out harder musical "licks" as we refer to them. Without his guidance I would not be as good of a "hearing" player. His formal musical background in college music is a blessing to all us trumpets in the RJE.
Maynard Ferguson, a world renowned trumpet player: Although I have never played with this man nor really known him personally, his playing has affected my playing greatly. His speciality is high range trumpet. That particular thing he does is my specialty. I heard his range and wanted to do that more than any other thing on a trumpet. After many years of practice I have become rather good at the high range and I associate this with listening to his music.

Andrew Giska, 2nd Trumpet/ Soloist
Residence: Parkville, Maryland
Instrument: Trumpet
Occupation: Private Music Instructor, Data Integration Specialist - Armada
Musical Influences: Doc Severinsen, Wayne Bergeron
Anecdotes: I've always had a love for music, but I ended up hurting myself because of bad technique.  Years later I fixed the problem and learned many things from the experience.  One of these is that I want to perform to the best of my abilities and teach others how to play to theirs.  Music is amazing and I want to share it with all who will listen.

Alan Marc Schuman, 3rd Trumpet
Residence: Reisterstown, MD
Instruments: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Occupation: Vice President Administration - Carroll Community College

Music influences: Herb Albert, Chuck Mangione, and Al Hirt
Anecdotes: I love playing music. I’ve played in rock bands, polka bands, a 50’s revival band, orchestral and big bands. I am very grateful to continue to have opportunity to play as an adult as part of the Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble.

Ray Hadley, 4th Trumpet
Residence: Reisterstown, MD
Instruments: Trumpet
Occupation:  Sr. Network Support Engineer for Visa International

Musical Influences: I've had several musical  influences. My Dad actually was a trumpet player and had his own band back in the  30's, and 40's and 50's. I also grew up listening to a variety of music, and was especially inspired by Doc Severinsen, Chuck Mangione, and Maynard Ferguson.

Anecdotes: I always enjoyed playing in school and in community bands.  I am happy to have the opportunity to play with a great group of folks in RJE.

Lori Guess, 5th Trumpet
Residence: Baltmore, MD
Instruments: Trumpet, oboe
Occupation:  Retired Attorney

Musical Influences:
Allen Chambers, Porter Eidam, Brad Cole, Bill Warfield, Art Schmersal, Angelo Gatto, George Rabbai, John Lindenau, Wayne Cameron, Jari Villaneuva, Bill Schmearer, Matt Elky.   Maynard Ferguson's, Tower of Power's & Big Phat Band's trumpet sections. Trumpet players on numerous TV & movie soundtracks.

I fell in love with playing music in a group when I joined Allen Chamber's Franklin Jr. High band. I played oboe, after discovering the instrument at National Music Camp (Interlochen MI) during my Music Talent Exploration class when I was 10. (I couldn't make a sound on the trumpet.)

After NMC, I went to New England Music Camp (NEMC) in Maine, and four fantastic summers there convinced me to become a professional oboist. But after one semester at Eastman, I realized a career on the oboe was not for me. My reedmaking skill was (is) abysmal, and my natural technical ability was not what it needed to be, although I was happy with my sound and musicality.  Fortunately I discovered how much I enjoy playing oboe as an avid amateur, and I've been playing in groups ever since.

The instrument I've truly loved all my life is the trumpet. I started playing the trumpet off and on in 1986.  But it wasn't until I returned to NEMC's adult camp in 2014 that I came out of the closet (as it were) and played trumpet with a group. Now I play in Matt Elky's Baltimore County Senior Swing Band, and the Thom Roland Band.  I'm thrilled to be a member of RJE.


Lenny Schwartz, 3rd Trombone
Residence: Owings Mills, MD
Instruments: Trombone and Piano
Occupation: Attorney with law firm of Schwartz & Aldouby, P.A. where he is a litigator. Also Devoted Husband; Father to future tympanist/electrician and one as of yet unable to articulate his fate.

After many years of practicing law and raising a family with his cello/saxophone playing wife, Lenny is now devoting his time to fending off the affects of Early Onset Parkinson's Disease.  The chronic, progressive disease has its affects upon his playing sometimes increasing his range 50% and causing a wild vibrato.   Still, Len is working within the community to share these stories and help in the research for a possible cure for this devastating disease.

Music influences: Classical: Beethoven, Bernstein & Gershwin; Jazz: Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock; Pop: Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago.
I spent many afternoons watching the "Glenn Miller Story" on television after school trying to figure out how Jimmy Stewart could play a B-Flat in the 6th slide position and "get that sound."
My father, a self-taught piano player who reads only treble clef and "plays the chords" and my music teacher mother, who once stole a tire so that she could get her band home from a gig when they had a flat tire, taught me just how much music can enrich you, your family and community.

Anecdote: My first public performance was when I played cymbals under the direction of Paul Lavalle (then director of the Radio City Orchestra) with the first All American Scout Band during the '60s.

Other honors and awards: Lenny has just been named an honorary Bone Babe by the founding members of the Bone Babes. Way to go, Lenny!

Tim Mlynek, 2nd Trombone/ Soloist
Residence: Catonsville, MD
Instruments: Trombone
Occupation: Manufacturing Manager

Music Influences: My high school jazz instructor, Michael Breaux, encouraged creativity and demanded precision and teamwork – teaching both the fearless joy and the challenge that comes with playing music and living life. Edward Kleinhammer – relax and breath, it’s that easy. Also, listening to Urbie Green makes me want to practice more…

Jeff Hosier, Lead Trombone/ Soloist
Residence: Catonsville, MD
Instruments: Trombone
Occupation: Music Teacher

Music Influences: Jeff says Tim is an infleunce on him, but only when it comes to  hammer throwing.  He really learned trombone by watching mating wildebeest.

Fred Golding, Bass Trombone, soloist
Residence: Dundalk, MD
Instruments: Bass Trombone
Occupation: Realtor at REMAX

Influences: My high school band director Gretchen McNamara, who introduced me to the Bass Trombone and taught me the dynamic range of a Bass Trombone, ON or OFF. Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dean Martin, Billy Holliday, Bessie Smith, Miles Davis, Tony Bennett and Gordon Goodwin. Ashton Fletcher who came to my high school and said “Hey kid, you should come play with my band on Thursday nights.” I found my love for 20’s-40’s Jazz at that age. John Kessell whose love and excitement for music creates a contagious energy in every group I’ve had the privilege to play in.

Anecdotes: I’ve enjoyed playing in various bands for years, each band with their own distinct sound. Playing with RJE has been a great experience with some incredible musicians. It is important for us to keep this music alive for future generations.

Karen Soper,  5th Trombone
Residence:  Owings Mills, MD
Instruments: Bass Trombone
Occupation:  crafter; Ksew crochet

Music Influences:  Elementary and high school music teachers, Sousa, Chicago, Shirley Jaeger (elementary music teacher), and Dad’s love of Glen Miller.  More recently, the encouragement of Matt Elky, Mike Allman, Lenny Schwarz and many others in BCSSB and RJE. 

Anecdotes:  Fell in love with trombones at a Fourth of July parade when I was 5.  Couldn’t wait to start lessons in fourth grade, but Mom said, “Nice girls don’t play brass” and made me study flute.  Bought a beat-up trombone for $20 at a barn sale when I was 16 and switched to trombone for my last year and a half of high school.  Played 14 years in FDR Alumni Marching band.  Played lullabies for my kids at bedtime.  Led church services for many years.  Almost died of pneumonia at 32.  Doctors said playing trombone had developed over-sized lungs and likely saved my life.  I’ll never stop playing. 

Other interests:  crocheting sweaters, sewing useful tote bags

Life motto:  All or nothing at all. 

Rhythm Section

Jim Stewart, Guitar / Soloist
Residence: Timonium, MD
Instruments: Guitar
Occupation: Electronic Technican Baltimore County Public Schools

Music Influences: Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Lee Ritemaur, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Chapton, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Chic Corea, Stanley Clarke, Pat Martino & Al DiMeola.
Anncdotes: I also have my own jazz trio that plays around the Baltimore Area, called the "Jim Stewart Jazz Trio".  I found a "Long Lost" sister playing music on the road.  It was quite experience for me, a very spiritual experience to say the least.   Playing music has always had a special meaning to me, after that experience, life can be quite a journey, imagine the odds of that occuring.

Michael Allman, Pianist / Keyboard / Soloist
Residence:  Timonium, MD
Instruments:  Keyboards, Trombone
Occupation: Retired music teacher
Musical Influences - Father, Don Arnold, and Tom Hall

Anncedotes: Mike Allman grew up in a musical home.   His father, Neale Allman, was a band director in Baltimore County and church choir director. Dad let Mike use his piano lesson skills to escape sermons to play for Sunday School worship and for family weddings. Supportive family members often asked about the injuries to Mike's hands. Mike attended Deep Creek Jr Sr High School where his dad taught. Mike's trombone adventures began when his dad handed him a beat up horn and a book and said, "Learn to play this. There are enough clarinets." Optional (for other students) after school music groups included Dixieland Jazz Ensemble, Tijuana Brass Ensemble, String Ensemble, and Big Band Jazz Ensemble.  Mike's high school band director, Don Arnold, further enabled Mike's trombone habit, sending him to a summer arts camp to play in the jazz band. They hired him later to work as a music counselor and teaching assistant for 11 summers. Mike taught elementary vocal music in Baltimore County Schools for thirty five years,  conducting the annual All County Recorder Ensemble 17 times. This explains many of his hearing issues and fear of high pitches. During the last 29 years of teaching Mike sang with Baltimore Choral Arts under Tom Hall with such artists as PDQ Bach, the King's Singers, the Kennedy Center Orchestra, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Mike also worked during those years for the Children's Chorus of Maryland, and as a church choir director and music worship leader.  Since retiring in 2014 Mike retrieved his trombones from mothballs, and found his way into the Loch Raven Brass Quintet, the Chesapeake Concert Band, the Ellicott City Trombone Choir, some orchestra playing, a bunch of shows, and eight area swing bands including RJE where he served as a trombone substitute and recently became the piano player.

Robert DeLisle, Bass
Residence:  Parkville, MD
Instruments:  Bass
Occupation: President of Island Financial Services, Inc.
Insurance and Investments Employee Benefits and Certified Financial Planner.
Musical Influences - Puccini, Sebellius, Rachmaninov, Ravel, Moussoursky, Joel, John, McCartney, Sinatra, Bernstein, Paul Simon, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Sondheim,
Lucy Simon, Ives, Benny Goodman, Irving Berlin, Manilow, Manhattan Transfer, and many others.

John Kessell, Drums
Residence:  Lutherville, MD
Instruments:  Drums, Latin Percussion, Musical Theater percussion
Occupation: Advertising Creative Director, writer, photographer, videographer, Art director, webmaster…

Music Influences: Thomas “Fats” Waller, Sid Catlett, Chick Webb, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, John Von Ohlen, Max Roach, Art Blakey, Mel Lewis, Sonny Payne, Lenny White, Jack DeJohnnette, Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste, Levon Helm, Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, Mitch Michell, Airto Moreira, Steve Gadd, Dennis Chambers, David Garibaldi, Richie Hayward, Alphonse Mouzon, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Billy Cobham, Roy Haynes, Joe Morello, Ramon Lopez, Don Ellis, Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Thad Jones, Sammy Nestico, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Gordon Goodwin (you get the idea) Hendrix, Clapton, Janis, Ray Charles, The Funk Brothers, Stevie Wonder, BB King, Eric Clapton, John “Mahavishnu” McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Hank Levy, Mozart, Bach, Mendelssohn, John Cage, Harry Parch, Bill Parsons, Larry Green, Bob Youngquist, Ashton Fletcher, Bruce Eicher, Robert Cantrell  . . .

John plays in several band about the Baltimore area:  Powerhouse, with Ashton Fletcher (John is assistant conductor), Chess Kellam (John sits in on rehearsals), The Blues in the Night Orchestra (rehearsals), JoyRide (10-piece soul band), guest artist with Columbia Jazz Band, Silverback jazz, Zen Czars, and musical theater with Edgewood High School, Winter’s Lane, Red Branch Theater, Cockpit in Court.  Credits:  Dreamgirls, Aida, Hairspray, Smokey Joe’s Cafe, High School Musical, Seusical Musical . . . He is the director of the Handbells of Grace, Grace Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD. Founding Member of “Jam with Friends” at the 207 in Washington, Iowa.

Other music background: Music major, University of Iowa, studies with Tom Davis.  Montreaux Jazz Festival 1972 with Washington High School Jazz Band, Washington, Iowa under the direction of Lawrence Green. Stan Kenton Band in Residence clinics 1972 and 1974.  Studied with John Von Ohlen, Ramon Lopez, Peter Erskine, Hank Levy, Leon Breedon. Clinics with Chick Corea, Lenny White, Benny Goodman, Bobby Rosengarden, Slam Stuart. Competition clinics with Clark Terry, Arnie Lawrence, Mike Vax.  Shook hands with Buddy Rich after watching him from a vantage point of 20 feet for 3 hours. Clinic with Joe Morello at about the same distance. Saw Max Roach live in Chicago when I was 17.

John says, “I love playing with the Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble because we are all in it to make music at the highest level, keep the art form alive, and reach people with the universal language.  We are a brotherhood with a community spirit and a common love for this music.”
In Memoriam
Bob Reynolds 1946-1998

Residence: Owings Mills, MD
Instruments: Trumpet and vibroclapper
Hobby: Director of Internal Auditing at Towson University
Occupation: 4th trumpet and vibroclapper

Bio: It is a little known fact that I was born into a very famous jazz family. As a tyke, I was headlining at Birdland while my school mates were playing little league. But I broke my family's heart when they found out about my secret. One day Mom was looking for valve oil in my closet when she found... yes, my charcoal grey pinstripe suit, my red tie and my wing tips! I was a CLOSET ACCOUNTANT.
I tried to share my family's enthusiasm for gigs in the Village and the Newport Festival. But while the family was jamming on endless choruses of Cherokee, I was preparing closing entries and debiting and crediting. My Dad finally told me "Yo! Zoot". (That was my given name at birth. I had it changed to Bob because it was more exciting) "Zoot", Dad said, "Go be a CPA and make us proud". So after 4 years at Westminster College in Pa. I fulfilled my dream of becoming an accountant and finally a CPA.

Now, 30 years after that fateful day when Mom discovered the ledger paper in my music, I'm back to pay my debts. The years went by quickly, what with all the excitement and danger (Do you know how many accountants die of paper cuts each year?) I may look like I'm having fun on stage, but believe me, I'd be much happier footing a column of numbers or closing your books!Click here to add text.
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In Memoriam
Charles Steinhauser 1956-2013

Residence: Owings Mills, MD
Instrument: Electric & Upright Bass
Occupation: Owner of Accurate Builders

Music influences: Study with Ashton Fletcher
Anecdotes: I have played in a variety of working bands from Classic Rock to R&B since 1964. Since 2003 I have expanded my musical education and now play in a Jazz Quartet called Downstairs Jazz. I’m still playing R&B in Joyride and big band jazz with RJE. I love it all!

These special friends of the RJE have passed on and we honor them as forever members of the Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble.   May they forever play the big gig in the sky. 
It is an absolute pleasure to work with these talented people.  They come from all walks of life, but we all come together as one big family to play great music.  Here you can get a sense of their talents and who they are.
In Memoriam
Matt Elky 1943-2020

Residence: Reisterstown, MD
Instruments: Woodwinds
Occupation: Retired Instrumental Music Teacher

Music influences: My Father & my H.S. and College band directors

Anecdotes: I play lead sax with another jazz band, Bari sax with two others, oboe with a small wind ensemble, lead the Baltimore County Senior Jazz band, Conduct the Chesapeake Concert Band, am the Cantor for my church, and love to play in the pits for local community theatres. Other than that I’m not very busy!
Other: Matt is also the assistant director of the RJE